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According to Matthieu Margueritte of FOOT MERCATO, Rennes Sports Director Florian Morris explained the reasons for the sudden departure of the Brazilian player Rafinha and how Rennes persuaded the young Belgian international Docu.

根据FOOT MERCATO的Matthieu Margueritte的说法,雷恩体育总监弗洛里安·莫里斯(Florian Morris)解释了巴西选手拉菲尼亚突然离队的原因,以及雷恩如何说服年轻的比利时国脚多库。

These two transfers are surprising. When Rennes finally confirmed the arrival of Belgian star Jérémy Doku (Jérémy Doku), the Brittany Club let their Brazilian winger Rafinha be bought by Leeds United. This is an amazing choice, especially since Leeds United paid only 17 million euros (excluding bonuses), which is lower than the 21 million euros Rennes paid to Portuguese sports a year ago. How to explain this unexpected departure? At noon today, Rennes organized a press conference to introduce his new aid and also assessed the transfer window. On this occasion, the club Florian Morris explained Rafinha's transfer.

这两个转移是令人惊讶的。当雷恩最终确认比利时球星杰里米·杜库(JérémyDoku)的到来时,九游会官网登录网站布列塔尼俱乐部让利兹联队收购了巴西边锋拉菲尼亚。这是一个了不起的选择,尤其是因为利兹联仅支付了1700万欧元(不包括奖金),低于雷恩一年前向葡萄牙体育支付的2100万欧元。如何解释这种意外的离开?今天中午,雷恩组织了一次新闻发布会,介绍他的新援助物资,并评估了转移窗口。这次,俱乐部弗洛里安·莫里斯(Florian Morris)解释了拉菲尼亚的转会事宜。

"We tried to keep him. Unfortunately, his choice was to go to the Premier League, which would attract a lot of players. From the moment a player makes a decision, we don't want to oppose it. The discussion started at the end of the transfer window. At the end of the game (against Reims), we tried to persuade him to stay. Unfortunately, his choice has been made for several hours. We lost him, but we replaced him with a player," he said "This is a professional choice. We are disappointed, but when the player's choice is that way, we will not stop. For Leeds United's offer, we must make competitive and financial decisions, and finally we decided to accept this transfer. "


Finally, Chairman Nicholas Holwick also made a statement, explaining that Rennes did not want to risk frustrating the players because of the wrong start. “It’s not a good idea when players really want to leave the club and let the players go against their will. Within two to three months of losing a player, we will all be in trouble, because that’s the time needed to digest this failure. It’s easier at the beginning of the transfer window. If it’s at the end of the transfer window and in other clubs, it’s not a good thing for the players and the team. We must let the players care about Rennes as a club , And there is only one. This is no longer the case for Rafinha.

最后,主席尼古拉斯·霍尔威克(Nicholas Holwick)也发了言,解释说雷恩(Rennes)不想因为错误的开局而使球员感到沮丧。 “当球员真的想离开俱乐九游会官网登录部,让球员违背自己的意愿时,这不是一个好主意。在失去一名玩家的两到三个月之内,我们都会遇到麻烦,因为那是消化这种失败的时间。在转移窗口的开头更加容易。如果在转会窗口的尽头以及在九游会官网登录网站其他俱乐部,这对球员和球队而言都不是一件好事。我们必须让球员关心雷恩作为一个俱乐部,而且只有一个。拉菲尼亚不再如此。

Rafinha is gone, with Doku's arrival, Renn can still comfort himself. The 18-year-old Belgian was bought from Anderlecht for 26 million euros, the most expensive transfer in Brittany history. Rennes' major shareholders chose to pay for it. Morris is very satisfied. "He is a player we have been paying attention to. We spent a few hours on the video because we can't go to Belgium to watch the game. Since last season, he has been a player I am familiar with. I and the transfer department take it very seriously. The Belgian market. He said that he is a player with very strong abilities in confrontation, scoring and passing."

Rafinha走了,随着Doku的到来,Renn仍然可以安慰自己。这位18岁的比利时人以2600万欧元的价格从安德莱赫特手中购得,这是布列塔尼历史上最昂贵的一笔交易。雷恩的主要股东选择支付。莫里斯很满意。 “他是我们一直关注的球员。我们在录像中花了几个小时,因为我们无法去比利时观看比赛。自上赛季以来,他一直是我熟悉的球员。我和转会部门对此非常重视。在比利时市场上,他说他在对抗,得分和传球方面具有很强的能力。”

"We can see it. He is a mature, smart boy and he knows where he is going. If the Belgian coach takes an 18-year-old boy to start his national team career, it is because he has many qualities. Julian knows How to make him better. He is indeed a player with great potential. What he can do at that age is to try to be in the queue of very, very good players in the next few years. We rely on him and I think he has already done it Ready."


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