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Time will always erode the past years, making memories gradually mottled. Those stars who have accompanied us, those legends who have influenced football, use the football under their feet to depict a colorful and colorful world.


Knowing the ball Emperor grandly launched the Football Hall of Fame, condensing the touch that every legend brings to us. Every Tuesday night at ten o'clock, wonderful presentations.


In the early 21st century, among the 19 football players selected by UEFA to change the world, Pirlo once commented on Pirlo: a leader with new creativity. He is the youngest player on that list. He has redefined the position of the midfielder historically. He is the last master of art in Italian football so far. In addition to elegance, it is still elegance. Because of his unique literary and artistic temperament and sleepy eyes that can never be opened, Chinese fans kindly call him: Sleepy.


If someone asks you, who is the key figure for Italy to win the 2006 World Cup? Many people will answer Grosso, Materazzi, Totti, Cannavaro, etc., but will ignore the low-key midfielder Pirlo.


In the first match of the group stage, Pirlo shot four long shots, opened the goal of Ghana, and also harvested his first World Cup goal. In the second half, he found Iaquinta with a long pass and indirectly assisted him to seal the victory. In the second game against the US team, Pirlo once again found Gilardino with precision guidance, allowing him to comfortably score the header that seemed vital after the game. Gilardino also contributed the classic World Cup celebration after scoring, playing the violin.


After the elimination of Australia and Ukraine, the Azzurri will face the host German team in Westphalia. And Germany's record in this Devil's home court since 1935 is an astonishing 13 wins and 1 draw.


The strong dialogue progressed to the last few minutes of overtime. Once the penalty kick came into play, it was difficult for the Italians to control the situation in the face of the powerful German team. In 118 minutes, Pirlo volleyed from outside the penalty area and was saved by Lehman. Corner kick.


This time he didn’t take the corner kick. Piero’s corner kick was ejected. Pirlo crossed the front of the penalty area. An ecstasy through-throw lightly downplayed and found Grosso on the right, who made a tricky kick. The odd arc hits the ball into the far corner of the goal. Breaking the deadlock while breaking the German defense line, with Piero's stoppage time goal, Italy entered Berlin!


Everything is dreamlike, as if God's favor, but from then on, there is only regret about the Cup.


Andre Pirlo was born in a middle-class family in Brescia. His father ran an ordinary metal trading company. There was a time when it was rumored that Pirlo’s father was the steel king of Italy, and Sleepy Skin became a rich fan in the eyes of fans. Second generation.

安德烈·皮尔洛(Andre Pirlo)出生于布雷西亚的一个中产阶级家庭。他的父亲经营一家普通的金属贸易公司。曾经有传言称Pirlo的父亲是意大利的钢铁之王,而Sleepy Skin成为粉丝眼中的有钱人。第二代。

When he was a teenager, Pirlo showed a keen interest in football. He could have inherited his father's business and had no interest in business. He was often taught by his father because he played truant to watch football.


At the age of 15, Pirlo got his wish into his hometown team Brescia, but was relegated with the team the following year. In the 96/97 season, the 18-year-old Pirlo's performance helped the team win the Serie B championship and successfully promoted to Serie A.


Although the team was downgraded by one point again in the second year, the outstanding performance of Pirlo has been taken by several giants. In the end, Inter Milan was brought to Milan for the first time with a value of 6 million US dollars in this competition. .

尽管第二年该车队再次降级一分,但皮尔洛的出色表现却被几大巨头所采用。最终,国际米兰首次以600万美元的身价来到米兰。 。

Although Pirlo, who was new to the giants, was appreciated by the coach Simeone at the time, the Inter Milan's big names were gathered at that time, and Pirlo performed mediocrely. He was loaned to Regina the following year. It is worth mentioning that in Regina's time, Pirlo broke through the door of another Milan team twice, laying the groundwork for the ten-year marriage a year later.


After drifting around, Pirlo was once again loaned back to his hometown team Brescia. It is in this small team that Pirlo's football talents gradually began to show. His teammates have his own idol: Baggio, who gave all his football philosophy to each other, and the two masters of art completed the historical inheritance here. (Actually, when they were at Inter Milan, the two were teammates, but they didn't sparkle.)

漂流之后,皮尔洛再次被借给了他的家乡布雷西亚队。正是在这支小球队中,皮尔洛的足球才华逐渐显现出来。他的队友有他自己的偶像:巴乔(Baggio),他把自己所有的足球哲学都传给了对方,两位艺术大师在这里完成了历史传承。 (实际上,当他们在国际米兰时,他们两个是队友,但他们并没有闪闪发光。)

When Moratti was asked about the worst decision in an interview, his answer was to let Pirlo go to his rival in the same city. In 2001, in a trade between Milan and Inter Milan, Pirlo came to AC Milan.

当莫拉蒂在面试中被问到最糟糕的决定时,他的回答是让皮尔洛去找他在同一个城市的对手。 2001年,在米兰和国际米兰的交易中,皮尔洛来到AC米兰。

On September 23, when Pirlo wore a red and black jersey to step into this football hall for the first time, he might not know that he was about to create a new glorious time with his teammates.


With the arrival of Ancelotti, Pirlo finally waited for the bole of his life. An Shuai drastically transformed Milan, the most important part of which was to put Pirlo in the front waist position to the back waist position and the front waist back. This tactic has since been proven to change the course of football. Pirlo released all his football talents in this position. For the next ten years, Pirlo has always been the core of the red and black team's midfield, and has become a real master step by step, unrestrained and effortless.


The following year, with the arrival of Gattuso, Pirlo found the best midfield partner of his career. And Gattuso has only one task on the court to protect Pirlo.


With the escort of bodyguards, Pirlo ushered in an explosion in the 02/03 season, scoring 9 goals, and ranked in Serie A in several statistics such as the number of passes, the success rate of passes, and the number of threats passed. Top of the list.


He and his team finally stood on the stage of the Champions League final at Old Trafford, and the fight with the Juventus midfielder meat grinder consumed Pirlo’s stamina and allowed him to take more than 70 minutes. Being replaced can only witness Sheva's penalty win on the bench. And this victory also allowed Pirlo to get the first championship trophy of his club career.


Subsequently, they won the Italian Cup and the European Super Cup. In the 03/04 season, Pirlo scored 6 goals in the league, all of which were worth a lot of money. They helped the team get 15 points. The team won the league championship again after 5 years.


But in the year he won his first league title, he and his team experienced a heart-wrenching defeat in the Champions League. In the second round of the 2004 UEFA Champions League quarter-finals, Milan was a guest at the Riazor Stadium. In the first leg, Milan beat Deportivo 4-1. The match was won 4:0 by the tenacious Deportivo and the defending champion Reversed out by Riasso Night. Afterwards, Pirlo said that the probability of us being reversed is even lower than the probability of Gattuso getting a Bachelor of Arts.

但是在那一年,他赢得了自己的第一个联赛冠军,他和他的球队在冠军联赛中经历了令人心碎的惨败。在2004年欧洲冠军联赛四分之一决赛的第二轮比赛中,米兰是Riazor体育场的客人。在第一回合中,米兰以4-1击败拉科鲁尼亚。这场比赛由顽强的拉科鲁尼亚人4-0赢得,卫冕冠军里亚索·奈特(Riasso Night)逆转。事后,皮尔洛说我们被逆转的九游会官网登录可能性甚至比加图索获得文学学士的可能性还要低。

However, Pirlo and his teammates did not know that a year later, they experienced a nightmare more cruel than the night of Riasso in the Champions League, and the beginning of this nightmare was so beautiful. In the 2005 UEFA Champions League final, Milan played against Liverpool, and Pirlo sent an assist in the opening minute to help the old captain Maldini achieve the fastest and oldest goal record in the Champions League final. It was Pirlo's backcourt strategy that allowed Crespo to score twice, 3:0 at halftime, everything was so perfect.


Later, everyone knows everything afterwards. That night was called the "Istanbul Miracle" and the miracle belonged to the Red Army Liverpool.


"When you feel that you are invincible, maybe you have already taken the first step towards no return. Even if you win 100 trophies in the future, this scar will never heal." Pirlo said afterwards that it was football. That night taught him the truth, he compared the game to the collective suicide of the Milanese, and even had the idea of ​​retiring.


The coronation of the World Cup still cannot conceal the impact of the phone call incident on Italian football. In 2006, it was reported that Pirlo was infinitely close to joining Real Madrid, but the club came forward and called for a stop. Later, a long contract extended Pirlo until 2011, when he will play in Milan for ten years, he said in an interview that he hoped to retire in Milan.


After the renewal, Pirlo and Milan once again embarked on the journey of the Champions League, which belonged to Kaka's Champions League, and also belonged to Pirlo and the whole team. Two years later, they once again stood in the UEFA Champions League final, fate reincarnation, the final opponent is Liverpool. In the Athens Olympic Stadium, Pirlo was the first to sound the horn of revenge, and his free kick was blocked by Inzaghi. With Inzaghi scored twice in the corner flag area, Milan succeeded in revenge.


Time will always allow you to experience the baptism before crowning you the crown. The red and black kings swept Europa and defeated the Boca youth in the Club World Cup with Pirlo's help and attack. At this time, Pirlo won all the championships at the club level and helped Milan become the club with the most cup championships.


In the 09/10 season, with the departure of Kaka, the retirement of Maldini and the departure of the meritorious coach Ancelotti, Milan sought to change in the turmoil. Many giants once again rumors with Pirlo. The first request of the coach Leonardo to Berlusconi is not to let Pirlo go. He is the core of the team's midfield. Pirlo also stated once again that he is willing to end his career in Milan.


Everything looks like a beautiful love, but even the best love will have cracks. And the long-distance love race of this decade was successfully disillusioned with the arrival of Allegri. Under Allegri’s account, Pirlo no longer became indispensable. In the case of his long absence, Milan won 10 /11 season champion.


Allegri told him that if he wants to stay, he must change his left midfield position. Pirlo's heartbreak can be imagined, which is tantamount to the head coach imposing capital punishment on him.


On the night that Milan won the championship, when everyone started celebrating the championship, only Pirlo felt bitter in his heart. He wanted to say goodbye to Milan who had been in love for ten years. When the applause around you is surging like a tide, I see sad tears flashing in your eyes.


There is a classic copywriting on a certain sound, which is exactly from the album Tianzu made for Pirlo: How many decades in life can accompany all the peaks and valleys of a person, but when I stand in the crowd, look at thousands Bai waved his hands, but never saw you again.


It was the best time, as if I had a beautiful relationship with you. Football gives the best gift to everyone who meets her for the first time. When the touching melody of San Siro echoed in the ears, all those who love you know that Li Ge is also singing. Love is no match for reality, and the beautiful fairy tale leaves only a sigh, and there is no return date ever since.


Pirlo, who left Milan, was recruited by Juventus, who was in desperate need of revival. At that time, the Zebra Legion, who was badly injured in the phone door incident, was dormant for a long time, and they handed Shuai Yin to Conte, the meritorious captain. The Italians appreciate Pirlo and regard him as the cornerstone of Juventus' revival, and set tactics around him. In his famous 352 system, Pirlo is still at the back midfielder, and his performance on the court is even more perfect. , Reach into the world.

离开米兰的皮尔洛(Pirlo)由尤文图斯(Juventus)招募,他迫切需要复兴。当时,在电话门事件中受重伤的斑马军团沉迷了很长时间,他们将帅银交给了功勋的上尉孔戴。意大利人赞赏皮尔洛,并将皮尔洛视为尤文图斯复兴的基石,并制定了围绕他的战术。在他著名的352系统中,皮尔洛仍然处于后腰,他在场上的表现更加完美。 ,进入世界。

In the 11/12 season, in the Juventus home opener, Pirlo used two assists to help the team win the perfect performance, which captured the hearts of Juventus fans. And this season, Pirlo used a phenomenal performance to help Juventus win the league championship with an unbeaten record. He won the Serie A assists leader with 13 assists and also won the Serie A player of the season. In Milan, 150 kilometers away, I don’t know if Uncle Ji will be worried because he gave the artist free to his rivals, but Milan fans have been relieved by his decision so far.


In the 13/14 season, the team visited the Bernabéu Stadium in the Champions League. The most demanding fans in the world also stood up to the master. This season Juventus won the league championship with 102 points. Conte retired and joined the Italian national team. . The team ushered in the old acquaintance of Pirlo, Allegri.

在13/14赛季,球队参观了冠军联赛的伯纳乌球场。世界上最苛刻的粉丝也站了起来。本赛季尤文图斯以102分获得联赛冠军。孔戴退休并加入了意大利国家队。 。团队迎来了Pirlo和Allegri的老朋友。

Time has passed, the past grievances and entanglements have long gone with the wind, and Allegri still reuses Pirlo in the Zebra Legion. When everyone doubts that you are old, the best counterattack is the champion. During his four years at Juventus, Pirlo helped the Bianconeri to win four consecutive league championships. Looking down on the throne, lonely seeking defeat, few followers.


This season, Juventus won the league and cup championships, they have the opportunity to attack the triple crown, and Pirlo also wants to leave Turin with the only triple crown in his career. The final venue is the Berlin Olympic Stadium where Pirlo and Buffon won the Hercules Cup. Before the game, Barcelona midfielder Harvey praised Pirlo at the press conference and admitted that he has always been his fan and admirer. No one in the world has it. His football art.


It was the last duel of the two masters. Not only one master was the winner, but in front of the better Barcelona, ​​Juventus had little power to fight back and could only watch Barcelona become the Triple Crown. And Pirlo could no longer hold back the tears from the corner of his eyes, and came out for the last time. This is not only tears of broken dreams, but also tears of parting, farewell to this beloved land and glorious past.


Soon, Pirlo went to the United States and spent three seasons enjoying football in New York City. And what makes Milan fans most impressed is that Pirlo and Kaka met again in the game against Orlando. The years of Milan have emerged one by one, leaving behind with beauty and emotion. Feeling that you will stay for a while. Don't sing away from the song.


After the World Cup in Germany, the Azzurri set out again. At this time, Pirlo only needs a European Cup to achieve the Grand Slam of Honor. It's just that this blue is full of melancholy and sentimental after Germany.


In the group stage, Pirlo won a penalty kick to help Italy knock out France into the quarterfinals. However, he was suspended for accumulating two yellow cards and Gattuso was sitting on the sidelines against Spain. Italy is inextricably divided in the fight with Spain. Without the midfield metronome, it can't make a counter-attack and can only drag into a penalty shootout. Later, fans always said that if Pirlo and Gattuso did not have a yellow card suspension, then the results of the night under the Alps in 2008 will be changed.


Two years later in the World Cup in South Africa, the defending champions were out of the team, and Pirlo missed the first two games due to injury. In the final battle against Snovak, two goals in the first half fell behind, and Lippi had no choice but to rely on Pirlo who had just recovered. With Pirlo, the situation in the second half really changed. It was the best second half that I thought might have been the best-looking game. However, the general situation in Italy is gone and there is no way to recover.


I just finished the college entrance examination and looked at Pirlo's tears. What would happen if Pirlo was not injured. It's just that there is no if, only four years later.


Pirlo, who shined in the first Juventus season, brought his excellent form to the 2012 European Cup, the first group match against Spain. In the face of a booming Spain, Italy relied on the single-core Pirlo and the opposite dual-core Xavi and Iniesta. Pirlo sent a long pass, Di Natale took the lead, and there was a famous scene of Balotelli thinking about life in that game. You come and I meet, shake hands and make peace.

皮尔洛在尤文图斯的第一个赛季中表现出色,他将出色的表现带入了2012年欧洲杯,这是对西班牙的首场小组赛。面对蓬勃发展的西班牙,意大利依赖于单核Pirlo和相对的双核Xavi和Iniesta。皮尔洛(Pirlo)传出一记长传,迪纳塔莱(Di Natale)取得了领先,那里有一个著名的巴洛特利场景,在那场比赛中思考人生。你来,我见面,握手,和平。

In the second battle against Croatia, Pirlo scored directly from a free kick to help the team score a point. In another fight against Ireland, it was Pirlo's corner kick assist, allowing the team to win.


In the quarterfinals against England, the two sides struggled for 120 minutes without a win. In the penalty shootout, facing the gate guarded by Joe Hart, Montolivo, who played second, missed the ball. At this time, Italy's morale was low. Pirlo, who appeared in the third appearance, was calm, strolling in the court, and couldn't make an incredible spoon penalty! The situation on the field was directly reversed, and the confidence of the England team was frustrated, and Italy had a breathtaking advancement to the semifinals.

在四分之一决赛对阵英格兰的比赛中,双方苦苦挣扎了120分钟,没有获胜。在点球大战中,面对乔·哈特(Joe Hart)守卫的大门,蒙托利沃(第二名)错失了球。这时,意大利的士气低落。出现在第三次露面的皮尔洛(Pirlo)镇定自若,在球场上漫步,无法做出令人难以置信的汤匙罚款!场上的局势直接逆转,英格兰队的信心挫败了,意大利在半决赛上取得了惊人的进步。

With Bashen's genius, Italy advanced to the final, this time it was a repeat of the group stage. It's just that Prandelli didn't arrange tactics as in the group stage, and his performance in the semifinals made him decide to let go. The wrong tactics, the luck of consecutive injuries, and a strong opponent made Pirlo unable to cope with the power of the Spanish dual-core explosion, and finally hated Kiev with the biggest score in the final.


Judging from the various performances before the final, this should have belonged to Pirlo's European Cup. The 33-year-old Pirlo watched the European Cup close at hand, the only trophy he had never won in tears. He knew he had no chance, and the butterfly could not fly over the sea, no one could bear to blame.

从决赛前的各种表演来看,这应该属于皮尔洛的欧洲杯。 33岁的皮尔洛(Pirlo)观看了即将来临的欧洲杯,这是他从未流泪夺冠的唯一奖杯。他知道自己没有机会,蝴蝶不会飞过大海,没有人可以责怪。

Two years later, in Brazil, the Italian team went to the World Cup again. Although they had a dream start, they still couldn't escape the nightmare of fate. The first game was still against England. Pirlo was still a master. In the game, he contributed an assist without touching the ball, allowing club teammate Marchisio to complete a wonderful long shot. In the game, he also took a free kick with a weird arc and hit the goal crossbar, making Hart panicked.


The next two defeats allowed the Italian team to be out of the group for the second time. This time the 35-year-old Pirlo had no tears. He decided to accept the outcome of his fate. This was his last competition.


Outstanding vision and superb footwork make Pirlo's long pass with great lethality. And his football wisdom is undoubtedly revealed in every arc of the foot. As long as he stands on the court, you can enjoy his performance. Gattuso once said that watching him play, he will start to wonder if he is a football player.


Do not let Pirlo see the gap between the defender and the goalkeeper, because he will always use a precise long pass to tear open the defense. The striker only needs to appear on the ball to complete a fatal blow.


In addition to the deadly long pass, Pirlo also has a unique trick, that is, his deciduous ball. He once said in his autobiography that he had penetrated the secret of a free kick on the toilet, and the master really responded differently.


Pirlo has been imitating Junior Juninho's free kicks, and once reached the point of madness, until after contemplating on the toilet, a generation of free kick masters came out. "This kind of free kick requires you to use the first three toes to touch the ball, and the feet should be as straight as possible before touching the ball, and then completely relax at the moment of touching the ball. This way, the ball will not spin in the air, but He will land quickly when he gets close to the goal and start to spin. This is my secret of free kicks." In his autobiography, he told the secret of his free kick.

皮尔洛一直在模仿少年朱尼尼奥的任意球,并一度达到疯狂的地步,直到考虑到上厕所之后,一代的任意球大师才崭露头角。 “这种任意球要求您使用前三个脚趾来触球,在触球之前脚应该尽可能笔直,然后在触球时完全放松。这样,球他不会在空中旋转,但是当他接近球门并开始旋转时,他会迅速降落。这是我任意球的秘密。”在自传中,他讲述了自己任意球的秘密。

Throughout his career, Pirlo scored a total of 47 horrible free kicks. Later, in the four years of Juventus, Pirlo became more and more devilish, and 15 of the 19 goals scored were scored from free kicks. For Pirlo, kicking a free kick is like kicking a penalty. .

在整个职业生涯中,皮尔洛共获得47次可怕的任意球。后来,在尤文图斯的四年中,皮尔洛变得越来越邪恶了,他打进19球中的15球来自任意球。对于皮尔洛来说,任意球就像踢罚球。 。

Over the years, no elegant figure can be seen on the court, and the skill of falling leaves has been hidden. We are fortunate to have seen pieces of art you complete on the stadium, so that football can be accompanied by elegance. When the wind started to rise and we turned our heads, you seemed to be standing on the court, and your opponents lined up the wall tremblingly. You opened your sleepy eyes and glanced at the goal, and the fallen leaves hit the net.


1994-1998 Brescia


1998-1999 Inter Milan


1999-2000 Regina


2000-2001 Brescia


2001-2011 AC Milan

2001-2011 AC米兰

2011-2015 Juventus


2015-2017 New York City


61 goals in 570 games in club career


13 goals in 116 games in the national team career


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