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九游会官网登录-哈维尔兑现赛前承诺 他想要的人俱乐部立马引进

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   This is the first game after Javier took over the team. Javier did not make much adjustments to his skills and tactics, and is still a five-back defensive counterattack system. Obviously, the changes in personnel can be seen, especially in the back line. Luo Xin, new aid Shunich, and teenager Niu Ziyi are all new faces.


   Ivo not making the list is the team's biggest variable. Ivo suffered a lot of injuries in the second half of the first stage and has not recovered well after repeated strains. In the intermittent period of more than ten days, although Ivo recovered well and followed the team normally in Zhengzhou training, his injuries were a bit repeated after arriving in Dalian. Before the game, Havel had reservations about whether Ivo played or not. From the perspective of protecting the players, let Ivo rest.


Without Ivo’s midfield control, the opponent’s midfielder with Nahor as the core organization puts greater pressure on Jianye. Whether Jianye’s new line of defense can be maintained is the key. After all, in the first stage, Jianye The number of goals conceded is the most in the Super League.


Considering the lack of Ivo, Havel deliberately reduced Jianye’s possession of the ball in the midfield when formulating his tactics, and directly withdrew from the entire defense when the opponent organized the attack. Luo Xin and Ke Zhao were on the two wings, almost Instead of being pressured to participate in the offense in the game, he did his best to defend, cutting off the connection between Evra and the other players. The effect was good, and the opponent really could not organize a good offense.


   Since Luo Xin got a yellow card in the first half, he needs to pay attention to his defensive actions. In the second half, after the opponent speeds up the attack, the pressure on Jianye's defense also increases. Fortunately, the Jianye team members assisted each other to keep the goal tenacious.


   The fans from Guoan are also watching the game with Jianye fans. Gao Dazhong defender Shunich came on loan from Guoan during the intermittent period. He has not played for Guoan, and his debut in the Super League was dedicated to Jianye. Although it is on loan, the Bosniacs' sense of responsibility in their position can be clearly seen through the game. He and his teammates do not speak the language, and he often sees him seeking communication with his teammates through body language during games. His performance was quite stable, withstood the opponent's high ball bombing, and he had a thrilling clearance before the penalty area.




   Jianye’s defensive counterattack has been extremely efficient in the past. The key lies in Ivo’s midfield scheduling and rhythm control. He plays an extremely important role in the offensive and defensive transition. When Ivo is unable to play, whether the players can well implement the technical and tactical arrangements made by Havel is the key to whether the team can score.


The game was full of tension. The two sides were full of fighting spirit, and the fight was very fierce. There was constant physical contact throughout the game. Soon after the opening, Kalanga and his opponent smashed their heads in the high-altitude ball. Both were wearing gauze. Finished game. In the whole game, the two sides fouled 37 times, and the referee showed a total of six yellow cards.


   In the chaotic situation, Jianye was not lost. Although the atmosphere was tense and the fight was fierce, Jianye was still trying to find its own rhythm. Not conceding a goal is one aspect. To win the game you must score. Javier asked the players to omit the unnecessary fight with the opponent in the midfield, give up the ball, retreat across the board, counterattack, and reserve at least two people as counterattack points on the offensive end. After getting the ball in the midfield, he went directly to the frontcourt with his big foot. Bassogo has the speed, Kalanga and Dorado have the ability to dominate the air and hold the ball behind the back.


   Finally, the three of them worked together in the first half to make a penalty. On the day of the game, Bassogo, who had his 25th birthday, caused a foul by his opponent, but he gave Dorado the chance of a penalty kick. The latter missed a free throw, but immediately rushed forward and scored the goal. This ball is precious and the only goal in the entire game.


   In the absence of Ivo, the team made tactical adjustments. Players were able to implement their technical and tactical arrangements to achieve victory. This is the biggest change between Jianye and the first stage. The players always maintain a high degree of concentration from start to finish, and always insist on their offensive play and defensive strength in a tense game. Such execution ability is what Jianye should have.


After the game, Javier praised the players' performance: "As you can see, the knockout system is really hard to play. Wuhan is a strong opponent, and the game is really tough. My players showed great performance on the court today. The high fighting spirit brought out what was in training. We did not concede a goal today, and the defensive end also fulfilled my requirements. Thank the players for their dedication. But this is only the'first half' of the game, and we cannot relax now. Get ready for the next game."


The match against Wuhan Zall was Javier’s first show in coaching Jianye, and it was also his first game of coaching career as a head coach. Nothing is more perfect than a victory. For him, it is an unforgettable experience and for his future. The coaching is an excellent start.


  Because it was his first coaching game, he put on a neat suit. Throughout the game, he kept walking back and forth in front of the bench, rubbing his hands, and he was also very nervous. Especially when Dorado took the penalty kick, he lowered his head from the sidelines and didn't dare to look. He didn't raise his head to join the carnival until he heard people around him celebrating.


   This is Javier’s first victory in his coaching team. The team ended the previous eight-game losing streak in the double line and got an early relegation match point.


This kind of joy makes him hard to conceal his happiness, who used to be serious and serious. Havel said: "My mentality is still very positive. I am happy for my players and the club, because this year's game has indeed encountered great difficulties. And I took over the team in a short time, so I can win this game under such a difficult situation, especially when I have zero opponents. I am really happy.


   Before and after the game, Havel mentioned the word "trust" the most. When Ivo is unable to play, mutual trust and understanding between players needs to be established, and trust between players and this novice coach also needs to be established. The trust between the coach and the top of the club is even more fundamental. Havel said: "Actually, I am not nervous about the game. My confidence comes from my players, including the club that supports me."


   Jianye's content in this game also allowed Havel to honor what he said before the game, "In the second stage, we will make changes to let everyone know the true strength of Henan Jianye, including our mental outlook."


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