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Time will always erode the past years, making memories gradually mottled. Those stars who have accompanied us, those legends who have influenced football, use the football under their feet to depict a colorful and colorful world.


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Regarding Vieira's brilliant career and amazing stadium performance, let's talk slowly now.


Like many national teammates, Vieira is also of African descent. Vieira, born in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, moved to France with his family at the age of 8, and then chose to play for the Gaul rooster. "Vieira" is a Portuguese surname, from his mother who was born in Cape Verde.

像许多国家队友一样,维埃拉(Vieira)也有非洲血统。维埃拉(Vieira)出生于塞内加尔(Senegal)首都达喀尔(Dakar),他与家人8岁时移居法国,然后选择为高卢(Gaul)公鸡效力。 “维埃拉”是葡萄牙人的姓氏,来自他的母亲,他出生于佛得角。

In 107 games for the French team, Vieira scored 6 goals, helping the Gaul Roosters win the 1998 World Cup and the 2000 European Cup. It is worth mentioning that in the 1998 World Cup final, Vieira came off the bench and assisted Pettit to score the third goal, helping the team beat Brazil 3-0.


In that World Cup champion lineup, Vieira and Petit, together with Henry who subsequently joined, formed the famous "Arsenal French Gang". Under the tutelage of French coach Wenger, they made great achievements for the arsenal's success at the turn of the century.


Vieira started the road to wealth at the age of 19, but he did not join Arsenal at the time, but was appreciated by the famous coach Capello from the film town of Cannes to AC Milan.


Vieira's years in Milan were not satisfactory. At that time, the team had many good players such as Albertini, Rijkaard and Deselli. The fledgling Vieira only played 5 games in half a year, and was mostly delegated to prepare. With the team remaining in shape, he can only seek a transfer.


——In September 1996, Wenger, who was discerning and knowing the bead, brought the unhappy Vieira to Highbury for a price of 3.5 million pounds, and since then began a nine-year passionate gunman career in the French midfielder.


Vieira is never afraid to use fierce tackles to sabotage the opponent's offense. His excellent interception ability makes him an insurmountable barrier in front of the team's defense.


At the same time, the vast coverage area and excellent physical fitness keep Vieira from falling in the confrontation. After a successful steal, he can use his small skills to move forward. He is a veritable B2B midfielder, and some people call him


After taking over the captain's armband from "Mr. Arsenal" Tony Adams in 2002, Vieira inherited the iron and blood of a meritorious defender and grew into a new generation of team leaders. Vieira's iron and blood spirit still makes Arsenal fans today. I miss it very much.

维埃拉(Vieira)在2002年从“阿森纳先生”托尼·亚当斯(Tony Adams)手中接过了队长的袖标后,继承了一名立功立士的铁腕和鲜血,并成长为新一代的团队负责人。维埃拉(Vieira)的钢铁和血腥精神至今仍是阿森纳球迷。我非常想念它。

In the nine years of the Arsenal, Vieira has gradually grown into one of the best midfielders in the world at the time.


In 407 games for Arsenal, he won 3 Premier League titles and 4 FA Cup trophies. From 1998 to 2004, he was selected as the best team in the Premier League for six consecutive years. In the magical unbeaten season of 2003/04, Vieira also scored the winning goal in the last round of the Gunners' defeat of Leicester City.


French midfielder


Vieira's first red card came from a match against Coventry in January 1998. Just a month later, the French midfielder was red again in the League Cup semi-finals against Chelsea.


A year later, Vieira attacked Nell Ruddock with spit after being sent off from a game with West Ham. He also clashed with the police on duty and was fined 45,000 pounds and suspended for 6 games by the FA .

一年后,维埃拉(Vieira)在九游会官网登录网站与西汉姆(West Ham)的比赛中被罚下后,用唾液攻击了内尔(Nell Ruddock)。他还与值班警察发生冲突,被足协罚款45,000英镑并停赛6场。

Vieira is notoriously bad-tempered and the eldest brother in the team's locker room. There is another "joke" widely circulated about this.


In 2005, Vieira ended his nine-year relationship with the Gunners. Capello, who brought Vieira to AC Milan, brought him to Juventus this time.


In the first season of the Bianconeri, Vieira helped the team win the Serie A championship in the 05/06 season, but was stripped of the championship because of the match-fixing scandal.


A year later, Vieira moved from Turin to Milan, but this time he did not return to his old club AC Milan, but switched to his city rival Inter Milan. In more than three years, Vieira played 91 games for the Nerazzurri, winning 3 Serie A titles and two Italian Super Cups.


In 2010, the French defensive midfielder put his last stop of his career in the prestigious Premier League arena, put on the sky blue shirt of Manchester City. Here, the 35-year-old Vieira played 46 games and ended his brilliant career with an FA Cup trophy.


The gunman has been looking for Vieira's successor, but has not been able to do so. To this day, whenever encountering a strong enemy or in deep trouble, Arsenal fans will miss the hard-core French beast waist that year.


In the second half of last season, Gondozi was excluded from the team lineup by Arteta due to discipline issues and is currently on the brink of leaving the team. When talking about the young midfielder from France, the legendary gunman Lee Dixon believed that Arsenal lacked leaders to guide Gondozi:

上赛季下半场,由于纪律问题,阿贡塔将贡多齐从球队名单中排除在外,目前正处于离开球队的边缘。在谈论来自法国的年轻中场球员时,传奇的枪手李·迪克森(Lee Dixon)认为阿森纳缺少领导贡多济的领导人:

"It's not the first time we have seen him a little grumpy on the court. Gondozi is a talented young man, but unfortunately, his team still lacks enough leaders. If you put Gondozi on Take it out and put him next to Vieira, he will be a completely different player because the latter will give him guidance and tell him what to do when."


After all, Vieira is the team's leading brother. With him, the Gunners can not only play offensive football with mercury, but also live to death in times of adversity and dare to make a powerful counterattack when opponents provoke.


After Vieira left, the Arsenal has not yet won the Premier League trophy again. In recent years, even the Champions League qualification has been difficult to match. The team is under the leadership of new coach Arteta and has begun a long and difficult road to revival.


Regarding Vieira, there is also a "story" of being connected with Chinese football, which has become a topic for many people after dinner.


In 1996, Shanghai and Cannes became sister cities. Cannes promised to rent players for free to the Shanghai team. Coach Shanghai Shenhua went to France to select foreign aid.


Cannes recommended a black guy who was only 20 years old. After seeing it, the coach Xu Genbao was not very satisfied with him. He thought he was rough in his skills and the overall situation was poor, and decisively rejected the transfer. Just a few months later, Serie A giants AC Milan took a fancy to this player and spent $4 million to buy him.


In fact, Vieira signed for AC Milan in 1995. He only stayed in Cannes for a while, so even if Director Xu really tried Vieira in 1996, he would not be able to sign a player who already belongs to AC Milan. .

实际上,维埃拉(Vieira)于1995年签约了AC米兰。他只在戛纳停留了一段时间,因此即使徐导演在1996年真的尝试了维埃拉(Vieira),他也无法签下已经属于AC米兰的球员。 。

Later, in an interview with Chinese media, Vieira personally refuted the rumor. He said that he had never contacted the Chinese side. It seems that Vieira’s trial for Shenhua was rejected by Xu Genbao, but it was just a joke made up by some people to tease the missing superstar of Chinese football.

后来,维埃拉在接受中国媒体采访时,亲自驳斥了这一传言。他说,他从未与中方联系。维埃拉(Vieira)对申花的审判似乎被徐根宝(Xu Genbao)拒绝了,但这只是一些人开玩笑而取笑的中国足球巨星。

After hanging up his boots, Vieira entered the Manchester City coaching staff and gradually grew into a top coach.


In 2016, Vieira took over New York City and became the first black coach in the history of the major leagues. His first game was a good start: New York City defeated Chicago 4-3. Today, Vieira has returned to the Ligue 1 arena and led Nice to fifth in the league last season, successfully breaking into the Europa League.

2016年,维埃拉(Vieira)接管纽约市,并成为大联盟历史上第一位黑人教练。他的第一场比赛是一个好的开始:纽约市以4-3击败了芝加哥。今天,维埃拉(Vieira)回到了Ligue 1竞技场,并带领尼斯在上赛季排名联盟第五,成功闯入了欧罗巴联赛。

At that time, he was one of the best midfielders in the world. He was fierce in defense, accurate in position, strong in interception, and large in coverage. When attacking, he could "wash the dirty ball" through delicate small techniques and quickly hold the ball forward to complete the offensive advancement. As the captain of the Gunners, he possessed a strong leadership temperament. His iron, blood and fortitude allowed Arsenal to dare to "bright sword" when facing any opponent.


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