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   Poor start, sluggish state, mediocre signings, low morale... This is the dilemma Solskjaer and Manchester United have faced so far in the new season. From fans to media experts, almost everyone is looking at the prospects of Solskjaer and Manchester United. The pessimists have even begun to imagine the situation in which Pochettino will take over Manchester United after Solskjaer is over. But everyone knows that Manchester United’s dilemma cannot be solved by a change of coaches. The challenges and tasks Solskjaer faces in the new season are too difficult...

开局不佳,状态低迷,引援平庸,士气低落……这是索尔斯克亚和曼联迄今为止在新赛季中所面临的困境。从粉丝到媒体专家,几乎每个人都在关注Solskjaer和曼联的前景。悲观主义者甚至开始想象,在索尔斯克亚结束后,波切蒂诺将接管曼联的情况。但是所有人都知道,曼联的困境不能通过更换教练来解决。 Solskjaer在新赛季面临的挑战和任务太难了...



   Manchester United has introduced 5 new players for the first team in the transfer window this summer, namely forward Cavani, midfielder Van der Beck, left-back Tress, two young wingers Peristri and Traore. In terms of quantity, there are many signings. According to the statistics of "Transfer Market", the total cost has exceeded 80 million pounds, and the money has not been spent less. But why are everyone pessimistic and dissatisfied with signings?


   If you actually analyze the situation of these newcomers, it will not be difficult to understand. Of the 5 people that Manchester United bought this summer, almost none of them can quickly reinforce the starter of Suo Shuai. Left back Teles will compete with Luke Shaw for the main position, and in the short term, his pick will definitely be behind Luke Shaw. Van der Beck has been in rotation since joining, and his appearance must be behind Pogba, B Fee and Matic. The two young wingers Peristri and Traore are both future investments in lottery scratching. It is unlikely that they will quickly adapt to the Premier League and become the main force in the short term, especially since Traore will not report until January next year. So Shuai Neng It's hard to tell if it can't survive that time. The most reliable is Cavani, but Manchester United has positioned him as a substitute for Martial.

如果您实际分析这些新来者的情况,将不难理解。曼联今年夏天购买的5个人中,几乎没有人能迅速增强索帅的发球能力。左后卫Teles将与Luke Shaw争夺主要位置,并且在短期内,他的选择肯定会落后Luke Shaw。范德贝克(Van der Beck)自加盟以来一直在轮换工作,他的出现必须落后于波格巴(Bog Fee),B Fee和Matic。两位年轻的边锋佩里斯特里(Peristri)和特拉奥雷(Traore)都是彩票刮刮的未来投资。他们不太可能很快适应英超联赛并在短期内成为主力军,特别是因为Traore直到明年1月才进行报道。所以帅能很难说那段时间是否无法生存。最可靠的是卡瓦尼,但曼联已将他定位为武术的替代者。

In other words, Manchester United’s signing operations this summer may not have anyone who can enter the main starter to sign. The report from ESPN even clearly pointed out that all the five new signings for Manchester United this summer are not the priority targets of So Shuai, they are all high-level players. Selected spare tire. The people So Shuai wanted included Sancho, Glarish, Reggie Long, Upamecano, and Ake, but they couldn't handle any of them. Suo Shuai has no other choice but to accept the choice of a spare tire. The disappointment of the Red Devils fans is not difficult to understand.

换句话说,今年夏天曼彻斯特联队的签约业务可能没有任何人可以进入主先发签约。 ESPN的报告甚至明确指出,今年夏天曼彻斯特联队的五个新签约都不是苏帅的优先目标,他们都是高水平球员。选择备用轮胎。因此,帅哥想要的人包括桑乔(Sancho),格拉里什(Glarish),雷吉·朗(Reggie Long),乌帕梅卡诺(Upamecano)和阿克(Ake),但他们却无能为力。索帅别无选择,只能接受备用轮胎的选择。红魔球迷的失望并不难理解。

In the several positions that Manchester United urgently need to reinforce, the right winger, midfielder, central defender, and management have not been able to bring immediate combat power in this summer window. The team’s shortcomings and hidden dangers are basically the same as last season. It's really difficult for us to tap the potential of the inside of the city.


   Looking back at the entire summer transfer window, the operations of Manchester United's top management are also hard to say. German football expert Raphael Honigstein said that all Manchester United’s transfer plans this summer were built around Sancho, and other transactions wanted to wait until Sancho’s transaction was completed. As a result, Sancho did not come and the club could only do some emergency transactions. The problem with the reaction is that Manchester United lacks a complete signing plan. Manchester United's dislike of Dortmund's price tag for Sancho is too high, and it is entirely reasonable not to be taken advantage of. But Manchester United did not have the ability and means to bargain with Dortmund, and even Sancho did not have a spare tire. Then, because of Sancho's trade, shelving other positions for reinforcement, this scapegoat could only be carried on their own. The lack of a complete signing plan and candidate plan, and has been repeatedly delayed until the last day of the transfer window to make some deal contingency, this has been a shortcoming of Manchester United for many years, and it still has not improved.

回顾整个夏季转会窗口,曼联高层管理人员的运作也很难说。德国足球专家拉斐尔·洪尼施泰因(Raphael Honigstein)表示,今年夏天曼彻斯特联队的所有转会计划都是围绕桑乔制定的,其他交易都希望等到桑乔的交易完成。结果,桑乔没有来,俱乐部只能进行一些紧急交易。反应的问题在于曼联缺乏完整的签约计划。曼联不喜欢多特蒙德为桑乔付出的代价,这是不合理的,这是完全合理的。但是曼联没有能力和手段与多特蒙德讨价还价,甚至桑乔也没有多余的轮胎。然后,由于Sancho的交易,将其他职位搁置以进行加固,因此只能替罪羊替罪羊。缺乏完整的签约计划和候选人计划,并且一直被推迟到转会窗口的最后一天以使某些交易具有偶然性,这一直是曼联的缺点,而且至今仍未得到改善。



   Manchester United’s signing dilemma has almost formed a closed loop. The practices of Manchester United’s top management headed by Woodward in recent years are traceable. Invite a new coach → buy 3-4 players you want for the coach → return to the Champions League → can't buy the person the coach wants → get 6th due to lack of reinforcement → dismiss the employer coach → invite the new coach → give the coach Buy 3-4 players you want → return to the Champions League → can't buy the people the coach wants → only get the 6th place because of lack of reinforcement → solve the employer coach...infinite loop!


   Now Solskjaer’s predicament is almost a replica of Mourinho before Manchester United’s get out of class. Mourinho’s naming of the signings is uncertain, and then the management takes a spare tire to deal with it. Mourinho can only accept with the mentality that it is better than nothing. The last player is not kicked out, the team's performance is not good, the money is not spent, and the boss has to carry it. These things happened to Mourinho and even Van Gaal, and they are recurring in Solskjaer now. Can Solskjaer be able to turn things around if neither of the two great marshals hold on? I am afraid that even optimistic Manchester United fans are not confident enough.


   Van Gaal and Mourinho were very unconvinced after being fired by Manchester United, and the main reason is this. Van Gaal and Mourinho had specific players they wanted when they were coaching, but the management spent a lot of money to buy the second and third choices. In the end, it was very bad for both parties. In the final analysis, whether it is Fan Gall, or Mourinho, think that the club's top management is not enough to support themselves in signings, and the bad results will eventually have to be carried by the head coach. I am afraid that I will not be convinced of who it is. Compare Manchester City's support for Guardiola, Liverpool's support for Klopp, and even Chelsea's support for Lampard. The support of Manchester United's management to the coach is obviously not good.

范加尔(Van Gaal)和穆里尼奥(Mourinho)在被曼联开除后非常不服气,主要原因是这样。范加尔(Van Gaal)和穆里尼奥(Mourinho)在教练时都有他们想要的特定球员,但是管理层花了很多钱购买第二和第三选择。最后,这对双方都非常不利。归根结底,无论是范加尔还是穆里尼奥,都认为俱乐部的最高管理层不足以支持自己签约,而糟糕的结果最终将由总教练承担。恐怕我不会相信它是谁。比较曼城对瓜迪奥拉的支持,利物浦对克洛普的支持,甚至切尔西对兰帕德的支持。曼联管理层对教练的支持显然不好。



   Manchester United won third place in the Premier League last season and returned to the Champions League! But in fact, this result is very confusing. The suspension of the league once helped the team a lot. Including Pogba, Rashford and other injured core main players received valuable rest time to help the team in time. The B fee who joined the winter window will get more opportunities to be familiar with teammates and integrate into the team. Manchester United maintained its best form after the rematch. Another important point is that Leicester City and Chelsea clearly crossed after the rematch, which finally gave Manchester United a chance to catch up. It is a miracle that Manchester United can finally get third place.


   If entering the top four last season gave Manchester United a good start in rebuilding, then this summer’s transfer window should have been very critical for Manchester United, and it is a further opportunity. However, the performance of Manchester United's senior management headed by Woodward is disappointing. What's more fatal is that all of Manchester United's direct competitors are strengthening, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, and even Everton. They are all in an arms race. What can be bought is bought, and what can be rented is rented. Manchester United's reinforcement is not enough.


   The infinite loop that Van Gaal and Mourinho failed to escape, can Solskjaer escape?




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